ImageAre you looking to take that leap from lap of luxury to napping in luxury? Anyone who’s been on a luxury vacation knows how difficult it is to live and, while your lifestyle at home may be similar to your vacation tastes, nothing can really capture that moment of going somewhere new. If moving to an exotic location is in the cards for you, you’ll want to keep reading or check out a great travel magazine like this one.

There are lots of things to consider when moving to a luxury destination. The first thing to think about is that vacations are always more enjoyable than living there. Casting away all of your troubles is what everyone wants to do, and is indeed the reason we go on vacation, but make sure you take off those rose colored glasses before you start to seriously consider these things. Having a clear head and clear conscious is what separates a luxury vacation from a luxury life.

Second, you want to make sure that where you’re moving will be able to accommodate your lifestyle. Resorts and local life are immensely different. A luxury hotel will bring food to your room, make sure that everything is perfect all the time, and do everything to make sure you return. You won’t always get this when you move out to a new country. All of those bonus amenities you had when you decided to visit will likely be gone, so buyer beware!

Third, know where you want to go. This is a must for buying real estate anywhere and takes a lot of careful consideration. For those going into this completely blind, I would highly consider taking a peek at the Four Seasons Resi

dences. This is a great opportunity to even give it a trial; stay in a luxury resort-style residence for a month or two and see if it’s really what you want. They offer locations all around the world, so even if you’re looking to stay within the United States, the options for luxury are still there.

A largely forgotten aspect of moving to a new location is your residential visas. Gaining residency in some countries isn’t easy and can be quite lengthy and difficult. Make sure that you do all the appropriate research and contact government officials about how to go about this smoothly. This can often but a damper on many peoples’ plans and is by far the most overlooked factor when making this kind of move.

So what’s the real transition between luxury vacation and luxury life? Well, the first part is understanding where you are. So long as you remember that you’re buying a home, not a vacation, you’ll do alright. The same responsibilities you have no will be coming with you; you’ll just be living in a much more enjoyable environment. Remembering why you’re moving is probably one of the biggest parts as well. Don’t just move because you had a good time, make sure the move is right for you.