ImageLuxury vacations aren’t always a black and white affair. Many hotels and resorts that offer a luxury vacation don’t always follow through on the quality of the package that they can offer. Many resorts offer travel deals to rope people in to vacation packages that they offer, but upon arrival you might find more disappointment than anything else.

Luxury vacations need to have firsthand accounts in order to remain legitimate. Any hotel chain can label a “luxury vacation” but only those with the correct amenities in place will be able to really offer the service. Travel blogs are a great place to find this information as it is in its rawest form: unadulterated truth about a person’s firsthand account.

The problem with these types of reviews is that they aren’t always readily available. Luxury vacations may be readily available, but they aren’t always sought out (this is usually due to higher prices than standard vacations packages). So where does that leave you? That’s what travel magazines like the Four Seasons’ try to appease. They have a section called “Concierge Recommends” which, quite simply, are the suggestions that hotel concierges have for certain destinations.

This is a great example of what the hotel would consider “luxury.” Luxury vacations do, indeed, refer to the amenities that they offer, however to expand beyond that is to offer a luxury experience. The food and attractions that you’ll be taking in are what will matter and what you’ll remember the most. I read a very interesting article about how a concierge chooses their recommendations. It was very eye opening because it gives a perfect example of how the concierge can see how a luxury vacation is perceived by different people. Hotel deals were one of the parts noted by the concierge as well as it allowed people to take part in more activities. Additionally, she spoke of specific vacation deals as well in order to provide people without much information with a luxury vacation.

Magazines like the Four Seasons travel magazine also provide travel blogs and food blogs to help with the decision making process as well. Having this type of information can really help to determine what type of luxury vacation you’d like to have as well. This is truly unique and a service not offered by many resorts.

The specialties that each concierge can offer definitely helps to add a sense of humanity to the decision making process as well. Luxury vacations are what many companies attempt to hone in on. As mentioned before, they do often fall short, so these types of services really do help to weed out the good from the bad and determine who is worth looking into and who isn’t. If you can find other services like this one offered from the Four Seasons, definitely take advantage of it and make sure to ask questions. This is your vacation, there’s no need to cut corners!