Christmas TreeThe sights and sounds of Christmas can fill you with a world of different emotions: joy, excitement, happiness: these are all words that we often associate to the holiday season. But there’s one that we often overlook: stress! It’s not easy buying gifts for some people, especially that one person on your list who seemingly has everything. It’s not easy to whip out a luxury vacation for someone, since many people’s budgets simply don’t allow it. Spa retreats or gift vouchers always seem like a safe bet, however I’ve always felt that giving gift cards was almost like cheating.

So, where does this leave us now? It’s a tricky place to be, really. You can try and wait out for hotel deals or travel deals, but even if you stumble across a great one, you’re unlikely to give someone an all inclusive destination vacation as a Christmas gift. Sometimes the gifts that people want, aren’t necessarily what they need, and often times they can overlook the little things that can bring them a lot of joy.

Going back to your roots and exploring the ideas of what made Christmas special can really touch someone, especially when they’re surrounded by retail treasures. Instead of filling up stockings with small gadgets and electronics, why not pick up a small tin and bake some cookies and truffles to fill their tummies? Not super baking savvy? No problem! Picking up some pre-baked goodies specific to someone’s palette will still give the same ideas across. Consider it a luxury vacation for their taste buds. Obviously, the more baking you do from home, the more heartfelt the gift will feel, but breaking away from the standard ideas of gift giving might be just what you’re looking for. What an example of what some of these pre-made gifts might look like, or want some inspiration? Check out this link from the Four Seasons.

Cupckae TrucOf course, there are always two sides to a coin. There are some people who would much prefer a tangible rather than edible gift, and that’s alright too. It’s still possible to personalize the material sides of gift giving. While I tend to stay away from spa packages, I do see the merit in spa-like gifts. Many gift baskets provide specific scents that you can easily customize to the individual. Find out their tastes and start hitting those malls. If you want to make it a little more personal, why not buy your own basket and pick all the items yourself as well? It’s similar to the idea of giving out baked goodies and still gives you that personalized feel.

Lastly, everyone’s kitchen can always use a little love. Pots and pans are in constant use, cutlery can go missing (I’ve never understood how this happens, but it does!) and it always needs to be restocked. Yes my little Christmas elves, the kitchen is almost always a fail-safe gifting option. Have a grill master in the wings? Pick ‘em up some steaks. An epicurean? A few fine oils and spices never hurt anyone. Visited your child’s new place and saw their dingy pots and pans? A nice copper set will last them a long time. There’s a vast selection of ideas here, and it’s super easy to get some inspiration just by quickly scanning the kitchen scene.

While these tips won’t work for everyone, I’m sure some of you will take home something from all of this. While time ticks away until Christmas day, I’m sure that you’ll all find that perfect gift. Happy Holidays!