Wedding Venues for Gorgeous Sustainable Weddings

Wedding Venues for Eco-Friendly Weddings. Pictured: Costa Rica

Source: Eco Beautiful Weddings

So you want to tie the knot with an environmentally friendly ceremony? You’ll have no shortage of gorgeous wedding venues to choose from. Here are three of my favorite places that offer eco-friendly wedding venues.

Costa Rica

The Four Seasons Hotel on Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica is totally one of my dream wedding venues. Check out this gorgeous video to see why:

But Costa Rica is home to many eco-resorts that celebrate its diverse natural landscapes. In addition to beautiful beaches and amazing surfing, Costa Rica has both wet and dry tropical rainforests.

Another amazing Costa Rica venue is Batik in Sainta Theresa, Costa Rica. This small collection of casas (guesthouses) is the perfect place for an intimate, eco-friendly wedding on the beach.

If you’re considering different wedding venues in Costa Rica, be sure to look for The Certification in Sustainable Tourism Program (CST), a product of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). The CST differentiates hotels based on their sustainable practices, with five levels of sustainable tourism achievement.

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia has long been known for its residents’ commitment to the environment. There are many eco-friendly wedding venues across BC. Here are two of my favorites.

The Vancouver Aquarium – how amazing would it be to have your wedding reception in a giant aquarium? The menu offers local West Coast cuisine, and the Catering Department is a member of the Green Table Network and participates in the Ocean Wise program, so they are happy to help you plan a sustainable wedding reception.

Sonora Resort in Campbell River, BC is a luxury wilderness resort that offers a gorgeous natural backdrop and a variety of sustainable outdoor activities for guests to enjoy.

Botanical Gardens

No matter where you are in the world, there is probably a botanical garden in your city or a nearby city. Most botanical gardens are very committed to sustainability, and many make excellent wedding venues. The pictures will be spectacular, and many gardens give you the additional flexibility of choosing your own catering company. Plus botanical gardens are usually big enough to host both the ceremony and the reception, and their convenient locations cut down on driving for guests.

There are so many choices of eco-friendly wedding venues that with a little persistance, you’re sure to find the green wedding venue of your dreams.