Amateur Gourmet Recipes: For the Wannabe Chef in You

gourmet recipes

Source: Taste by The Four Seasons

I love to read magazines that feature gourmet recipes. Although I rarely have the time and energy to make these gourmet recipes, I love to look at them and read about them. And every once in awhile I do actually attempt a gourmet recipe – but today I’d like to talk about the recipes that I *want* to try… someday. You know, the beautiful, aspirational gourmet recipes that I’d like to make someday to impress important guests… or maybe my future mother-in-law.

Gourmet Mini Donuts

(Pictured above)

Recipe via the Four Seasons Taste Magazine

Occasion: Wedding or Baby Shower

These donuts are the perfect blend of casual and polished. Mini donut trays are actually very inexpensive – I ordered one on Amazon for less than $15. I’ve made mini donuts a few times, but the closest that I’ve ever come to the bake shop perfection pictured is the time that I baked the donuts and my roommate decorated them. Someday I would love to make these pastel beauties for a good friend’s wedding or baby shower. I would probably wear a really cute retro inspired dress and pretend that the mini donuts were no big deal. “Oh these? I just whipped them up last minute.”

Pumpkin Stuffed with Vegetable Stew

Occasion: Thanksgiving

Recipe via Gourmet

I absolutely love the idea of using an entire pumpkin as a serving dish. What an amazing centrepiece! However, this recipe looks incredibly complicated and would take ages. I am saving this one for a family Thanksgiving where I really feel the need to impress.

Layered Desserts in Glasses

Occasion: Fancy Dinner Party

Recipe for Layered Cherry Cheese Pie in a glass

I have always been really impressed by desserts that are layered in a clear glass. I think that they look very elegant and sophisticated. There are so many variations that you can make pretty much any kind of cake or mousse imaginable. Plus you can control the serving size by using different kinds of glasses. Around the holidays people really appreciate small shot glass desserts, since they are indulging at so many events. Someday I’m going to have a really nice dinner party and whip up a big batch of these to impress all my friends.

But for now I’m ordering takeout!