Recipe Ideas: Where to Get Inspiration for Great Meals

recipe ideas

Finding good recipe ideas is one of the biggest challenges of meal preparation. Every once in awhile your recipes seem to get a little stale and you feel the need to shake things up. Where are the best places to find great recipe ideas? Here are a few places to start hunting for inspiration.

Recipe Ideas Based on Your Ingredients

If you’ve ever opened the fridget to find a random assortment of food, you know how tough it can be to come up with recipe ideas that don’t require you to go to the grocery store. There are some great websites that allow you enter ingredients and find recipes that use them. Check out where you can list your ingredients and search recipes that will help you use them up. AllRecipes is another great site with a function for searching by ingredients. You can become a free member of the site and have access to loads of amazing recipes.

Recipe Ideas Based on Inspiration

If you’re planning a dinner party or other special event, it can be great to find recipe ideas on websites like Pinterest. Sites like Gourmet Magazine are great too. You can search or browse recipes based on course and season. Gourmet’s recipes are great for when you want to try something different, whether it’s just for yourself, or for the enjoyment of others.

Recipe Ideas Based on Pinterest

Of course when it comes to hunting for recipes ideas, I would be remiss if I didn’t include Pinterest. Pinterest allows people to “pin” their favorite things to a virtual “dream board.” Pinterest is a haven of recipe ideas. It’s great to see what your friends are pinning, because they may have similar tastes to you. Or you might discover something totally surprising that’s already been test driven by a friend or acquaintance.

No matter where you search for recipe ideas, be sure that you keep an open mind. You may just discover a new favorite!