Summer Vacation Spots for a Memorable Trip

summer vacation spots

If you’re looking for summer vacation spots that offer a little extra, here is a short list of ideas for memorable summer vacation spots.

Safari in Southern Africa

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable summer vacation, consider an overland safari through southern Africa. South Africa’s Kruger Park is a world famous game park where you can see all of the “Big 5” (the most famous animals to see on safari). North American summer is winter in southern Africa, which means warm, dry days and cool nights. The wine tours in South Africa are fantastic as well. If you want to avoid South Africa based on safety concerns, check out its neighbour to the north: Botswana. Botswana has three distinct and amazing tourist attractions. The first is the world-famous Okavango Delta, where you can take a canoe tour through the lush wetlands. From your canoe you may see elephants and other animals.

The second is the salt pans. Thousands of years ago there was a large salt water lake in Botswana, where it evaporated is now a large plain of salty sand that nothing can grow in. You can take tours across the salt pans, and camp overnight there out in the open – where there are no plants there are no animals. You’ll see more stars than you ever thought possible. This is definitely near the top of the list of incredibly memorable summer vacation spots.

The third (and my personal favorite) is Chobe National Park. Chobe is a large national park that hosts thousands of animals in their natural environment. You can see elephants, lions, leopards, giraffe, and many species of deer. Chobe is also a few hours drive from Victoria Falls, which borders both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Summer is also a great time to see this world wonder, as it’s more easily visible from May to July. Botswana is a country full of memorable summer vacation spots.

Summer in Ireland

Enjoy the unique Summer in Dublin festival, and tour Ireland to see spectacular castles, taste amazing beer, and enjoy the emerald isles when the weather is the finest. If you’re a golfer, you’ll enjoy Ireland’s amazing (and naturally green) golf courses. Coastal Ireland (both East and West) is also gorgeous, and not to be missed. If you can spend two whole weeks exploring the island, you’ll leave relaxed and with incredible memories. Ireland is one of the best summer vacation spots around.