Tips for Writing Fantastic Amateur Gourmet Food Blogs

amateur gourmet food blogs

Do you dream of writing for amateur gourmet food blogs? Maybe you love reading food blogs, or you consider yourself an amateur gourmet chef. Either way, many popular amateur gourmet food blogs have been started by regular people with varying levels of cooking experience. Here are some tips for leveraging your own experience to write amazing amateur gourmet food blogs.

Use Your Heritage – a.k.a Ask Granny

Many amateur gourmet food bloggers begin with favourite recipes from their childhood. One of my favourite food blogs features a chef with Italian heritage who recreates traditional Italian recipes. So ask your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles for their favourite recipes. Then consider how to up the presentation value or give them a modern twist. Alternatively, think about making the dish simpler, something that a busy person could whip up for dinner. Old family recipes are a great starting point for the amateur gourmet chef, but you want to give your recipe a little something extra as well.

Use Local Ingredients for Inspiration

You can also get inspiration from local ingredients. Food blogs often feature chefs cooking with fresh, local ingredients. Think about what’s in season within 50 miles of your home. Ingredients that are commonplace in your cooking will be exotic to someone else. Take your local ingredients and give them your own amateur gourmet twist. When you’re writing your food blog, try to tell a story about the ingredient. Maybe give a history of the ingredient, or explain how it is caught or harvested. Explain the flavours, and ways that the ingredient can be used in different dishes. This will give your readers a good sense of the ingredient’s versatility. Other amateur gourmets will thank you when they incorporate it into their own cooking.

Get Inspiration From Gourmet Chefs

Other amateur gourmet cooks can offer great inspiration, but so can professional gourmet chefs. There are plenty of food blogs profiling gourmet chefs’ creations. Consider taking a gourmet chef’s recipe and creating an amateur gourmet chef version of it – something simpler that people feel more comfortable attempting in their own kitchens. Many food blogs have become successful by simplifying gourmet recipes. The Amateur Gourmet food blog is a great example of this principle. Look for great gourmet recipes in your own cookbooks as well, and think about how you can simplify them. Can you cut down the ingredients list? Can you make substitutions for exotic or hard-to-find ingredients?

Use these tips and good luck to all of you writing amateur gourmet food blogs out there!