Unique Family Holidays: The Best Family Vacations in Under Appreciated Locations

unique family holidays

After awhile your family holidays might start to feel stale, that’s when you know that it’s time to change it up. Consider one of these unique family holidays to less high profile destinations. It’s time to change up your family travel plans.

Have a Tea Party in Paris

If your children are old enough to appreciate shopping and excellent desserts, then consider taking them to the Champs-Élysées for an afternoon of shopping, and then enjoying a tea party. Children (and parents) will love the amazing French sweets, and parents can enjoy coffee while children can enjoy tea. Many tea parties also offer champagne, which parents will appreciate. Paris offers unique family holidays and lots of sweet treats.

Enjoy sun, desert, and poolside fun in Scottsdale, Arizona

When it comes to escaping the cold, most people think of Florida or California. However, Scottsdale has consistently warm, dry weather through the fall, winter, and early spring. Arizona offers many unique family holidays that will be fun for kids of all ages. Many hotels have great pools that can keep kids entertained for hours while parents relax in the sun with a good book.

Scottsdale also has great shopping, and lots of fun day trips. Beside the Grand Canyon (a few hours drive away), there is also Sedona, a small city a few hours from Scottsdale that is famous for its beautiful red hills and stunning sunsets. Family travel can be stressful, but Arizona’s laid back culture and easy driving can minimize the stress of getting around.

If your children are older and enjoy golf, Scottsdale has some amazing golf courses. If you enjoy sports, nearby Phoenix is also home to a number of sports teams: the Arizona Cardinals, the Phoenix Coyotes, and the Phoenix Suns. You can catch a few games for totally unique and relaxing family holidays.

Budapest, Hungary

In addition to being an incredibly affordable European capitol, Budapest is also a great place for unique family holidays. It’s more laid back than Paris, with a very pedestrian-friendly downtown, and an excellent public tram system. Budapest is great for younger kids as the restaurants are generally more low key, and more willing to cater to children than their Parisian counterparts. Budapest boasts incredible architecture that parents and older children will love.

Wherever you choose to go, ditch the same old family travel plans and embrace one of these unique family holidays instead. You’ll have once-in-a-lifetime memories and you can always go back to Disneyland again next year.