Family Vacations Without the Worry: Planning for Fun and Relaxation

family vacations

Family vacations can be stressful whether you’re heading to a luxury resort or packing everyone in the car for a road trip. Here are some great tips to keep your family vacations fun for everyone.

Ask Your Kids What They Would Like to Do

If your kids are old enough to have opinions, ask them what they would like to do. This helps you manage expectations if something is not going to happen (like if someone wants to ride Space Mountain 20 times), and plan ahead if your kids have reasonable wish lists. If you ask your kids in advance and let them do their own research (kids these days on all the computer all the time any way) it might even cut down on how much time you need to spend looking up fun things to do on your family vacations. If you want you can even have a family meeting to prioritize vacation activities and make sure that everyone is on the same page about how you spend your time. Many resorts specialize in family vacations and offer fun “Kids Clubs” for kids of all ages.

Schedule Alone Time and Pack Accordingly

You know your own children well enough to know how much “alone time” they can tolerate during family vacations before they start complaining that they’re bored. If you have a child who paces the room like a caged animal after 10 minutes, you might consider either going to a resort that has kids programming (where you can drop the little ones off), or traveling with another family and switching off entertainment duties. On the other hand, since this is a vacation, you might consider suspending limits on screen time and just letting your kids veg out in front of the TV with video games or a movie. This works especially well on rainy days.

Manage Sleep Schedules

Even on family vacations, it often helps to keep kids on a consistent sleep schedule. Too many late nights and too little sleep can make anyone cranky. That goes for parents as well, so make sure that you catch lots of zzz’s on your family vacations so that you can come home feeling refreshed rather than worn out.

Follow these tips and your family vacations are sure to be a breeze! Happy trails!