Luxury Vacations: Travel Magazines Feature China

luxury vacations in china

Source: Wikipedia

China is an exciting country and there are many amazing luxury vacation packages to be found. A great city to explore that is a bit off the beaten path is Hangzhou. In the western Chinese province of Xhejiang, Hangzhou is nestled next to beautiful West Lake. Escape to the lake for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. West Lake has been an attraction for centuries, and now those from far and wide can enjoy its beauty. The Solitary Hill is an ideal place from which to admire the splendour of the lake. You can take a cruise boat around West Lake, which is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the rolling hills. West Lake is beautiful all year – visitors are particularly fond of the autumn colours. The beautiful autumn colours would be the highlight of your luxury vacation, but West Lake is also beautiful in the spring and summer.

If you stay at the Four Seasons at West Lake you will have a great view of the lake. The Four Seasons also offers tai chi lessons, and beautiful private gardens where you can relax and sip oolong tea. Luxury vacations are made for relaxing, and the Four Seasons is the best place to enjoy yourself and let the tranquility of the lake really seep in.

Hangzhou is also the home of the China National Silk Museum. Definitely stop in to learn about silk – a truly amazing fabric. Silk worms eat only mulberry tree leaves, and the tree flourishes in Hangzhou’s subtropical climate. The museum showcases an array of impressive silk garments, and also details the history of the silk trade in China.

The Temple of Soul’s Retreat (Lingyin Temple) is also a must-see. This temple’s presence can be traced back to 400 AD during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The temple’s beautifully painted ceilings and famous statues have helped increased its fame in the area. The temple also contains an important collection of Buddhist books. The temple is just a short drive from the Four Seasons. There are also tourist buses heading here from the city of Hangzhou. For more information on luxury vacations in the area, check out this tourist guide.