Luxury Vacations: Top Five Reasons for a Tropical Vacation in Langkawi

If you’ve never heard of people taking luxury vacations in Langkawi, you’re not alone. This archipelago of 99 magical islets in the Andaman Sea is located just off Malaysia’s west coast. Langkawi was recently named Southeast Asia’s first UNESCO World Geopark. Here are the top five reasons that people are taking luxury vacations in Langkawi.

Spectacular and Diverse Landscapes

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Langkawi Geopark is home to 550 million years of geological history. Langkawi has incredibly diverse landscapes, including mangrove forests, rain forests, sandstone mountains, and coral reefs. The stunning landscapes of Langkawi are unrivalled in all of Southeast Asia. Pictured above is beautiful Cenang Beach.

Explore the Magical Rain Forest

Langkawi’s rain forest is over 1 million years old – one of the oldest rain forests in the world! You can take a rain forest trek to see unique species of animals and plants, including some very rare butterflies. The Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) Waterfalls is a must-see spot. Local legend has it that this is the home of mountain fairies. Luxury vacations just aren’t complete with a shower under the waterfalls and lounging in the natural pools beneath them. Some people choose to relax on the surrounding rocks and enjoy a picnic underneath the tropical trees.

Eat Delicious Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysian cuisine offers a wide variety of delectable culinary traditions to choose from, including Malay-Indo, Indian, Thai, and Chinese. Langkawi’s bustling night markets offer a wide variety of amazing street food at very affordable prices. The night markets are open every night at various locations around the island. Ask at your hotel for the best markets on any given night. The food is delicious and the perfect compliment to any tropical vacation.

Mangrove Safaris

Luxury vacations in Langkawi feature boat tours of Langkawi’s wetlands and limestone caves, where you can discover a unique ecosystem with plenty of amazing animals to spot: walking-fish, monitor lizards, and spectacular eagles. The mangroves even offer opportunities to spot otters and dolphins. Be sure to take a tour guided by a naturalist in order to learn all that you can about this incredible ecosystem.

Amazing Scuba Diving in Warm Water

The Pulau Payar Marine Park offers some of the best scuba diving in the world and a well-protected coral reef. The diving conditions range from beginner-friendly flat terrain to more challenging slopes. Visibility can be up to 15m in the clear water. Snorkelling is also available. For those who prefer to stay dry, the Marine Park also features an enclosed underwater observation chamber. Relax and watch the fish go by.

Langkawi is a truly unique destination that offers sun, fun, spectacular landscapes, delicious cuisine, and a laid back local culture. No wonder so many people are booking luxury vacations to this incredible island.