Gourmet Recipes for Cooking With Beer

cooking with beer

Do you enjoy cooking with beer? Enjoy these five amazing gourmet recipes.

5. Espresso Crusted Sirloin Crostini

Created by Brooke Vosika, this crostini is the perfect recipe to begin a meal built around cooking with beer. Vosika, a native of Philadelphia, is the executive chef with the Four Seasons hotel in Boston and his passionate advocacy for local ingredients shines through in this gourmet twist on the classic Italian appetizer. Vosika’s crostini is deliciously simple and and incorporates the Boston Beer Company’s classic Samuel Adams lager.

4. Crispy Octopus Ssamm

Created by Ricardo Jarquin of Hawaii, this unique dish can be served as an artful appetizer or a small meal for four. Jarquin has put his own unique style into this dish and his choice to use the gourmet Hitachino Nest white ale illustrates this perfectly. While the other ingredients shine in their own right, the perfectly carbonated and uniquely flavoured Japanese twist on the traditional Belgian white beer is internationally award winning. Cooking with this gourmet beer will be a treat by itself.

3. Maine Roasted Lobster Sea Asparagus Frittata

While it incorporates the famous Maine Lobster, this recipe was created by Sebastiano Spriveri in Instanbul and is a perfect blend of European cuisine and Asian beer. Delicate preparation and the finest ingredients make this a difficult dish to create, but the results will be well worth the effort. Spriveri recommends serving the finished dish with the Efes Dark beer used in creating it, and it is truly a continent spanning match. Efes is an institution in eastern Europe, and while the Dark beer will taste unusual to some, the unique taste matches this dish beautifully.

2. Organic Beef and Gold Muddler Ale Pie

This modern gourmet twist on the classic British steak and ale pie is truly unique. Created by Cyrille Pannier – a native of Le Mans France – and incorporating simple contemporary ingredients local to Hampshire, this dish brings cooking with beer back to its hearty homegrown roots with international style. The beer used to create it, Gold Muddler, is also created locally in Hampshire but is as modern as Pannier’s take on the beef and ale pie. Founded in 2008, the brewery specializes in updating classic British brews.

1. Odell’s IPA Glazed Pineapple Bacon Doughnuts

These doughnuts, created by Dagan Stocks, are the logical choice for dessert after a meal featuring the finest gourmet beer recipes. Although created using a classic British ale and fresh pineapple from Hawaii, this dish has a distinctive American flair to it. Influences from the dish’s Colorado roots extend even into the beer used to create it – an even bolder and more flavourful twist on a beer designed by the British to be bold and flavourful.