How to Decorate the Perfect Christmas Cupcake

Christmas cupcakes

Baking unique Christmas cupcakes for the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore. The Christmas cupcake recipe and decorating ideas recommended below will create a memorable dessert that is uniquely yours.

1. The Cupcake. To begin creating your unique dessert, use the delicious chocolate cupcake recipe provided by the folks at the Cupcake Project. Customization is key in this recipe, and with very little risk you can take these cupcakes from standard to uniquely and luxuriously decadent. The cupcake recipe allows you to choose your own cocoa powder creating a unique taste depending on the type and quality of cocoa used. Fortunately, no matter what brand or style you pick, the base flavours remain the same completely removing the risk of your cupcake failing to impress. The recipe also allows you to vary the melted chocolate you use as well. As long as the chocolate isn’t white, and contains no mix-ins like nuts or nougat, feel free to use everything from standard bakers chocolate rounds, to a top of the line Green & Black’s Organic chocolate bar. As a finishing touch you can add a splash of coffee to this recipe to help bring out the flavour of the chocolate and add an extra layer of complexity to this delicious Christmas cupcake recipe. The full baking instructions can be found here.

2. The Decorating. Dressing your cupcakes up in Christmas finery gives them the extra pop they need to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Learning how to decorate cupcakes like a professional is surprisingly simple. To begin, fill two pastry bags with alternating colours of frosting. (A butter cream frosting is the best to use with the Christmas cupcakes created in the first step.) Recipes for butter cream frostings are common, you can use your favourite, or try this one. Next, place a large round pastry tip into a third, larger pastry bag. Finally, cut the two smaller pastry bags evenly at the bottom, and place them inside the third bag. Make sure the two different colours of frosting are leaving the tip of the third bag evenly, and begin frosting your cupcakes in a circular swirl pattern. When you’ve liberally iced each cupcake, garnish them with crushed candy cane for the perfect holiday finish.