Delicious Meals Made by Reusing Holiday Turkey Leftovers

reusing holiday turkey leftovers

Reusing holiday turkey leftovers has been a challenge plaguing families for as long as turkey and the holidays have gone together. While delicious at first, after a solid week of turkey leftovers even the most ardent turkey fan is going to struggle to stomach one more bite. To make things easier in the aftermath of your next turkey feast, here are some ideas to turn turkey leftovers into dishes that just might taste better than the original bird did.

1. Deluxe Turkey Burgers

It isn’t uncommon to begin longing for a juicy burger three days into the leftover turkey dinner bonanza that follows the holidays. Chef Zachary “Zack” Mills of the Wit & Wisdom tavern in Baltimore has combined this desire for a burger with the turkey dinner itself into a clever, and delicious, way of reusing holiday turkey leftovers. Mills begins by buttering and grilling two homemade buns. When the buns are ready, he creates a base of mashed potatoes and gravy before adding a perfectly grilled turkey burger. To complete his holiday creation, Mills adds a dollop of zesty cranberry relish, more gravy, and crowns it with the top bun.

2. Turkey a la King

Reusing holiday turkey leftovers too often involves serving the same plate of turkey, vegetables, and bread over and over again. If you want to switch up the routine and add some style to the presentation, and taste, turkey a la King is perfect. This surprisingly simple creation combines the leftover turkey and vegetables with a creamy sauce to serve piping hot over fresh bread or a rice base.

3. Asian Turkey Barbecue on Sesame Scallion Toasts

If you’ve tried the other recipes and you still have some turkey left, but simply can’t stand to taste one more bite, this is your answer. This dish takes reusing holiday turkey leftovers from bland to something that might taste better than the original meal. Hoisin sauce, barbecue sauce, ginger, green onions, and sesame oil lend a powerfully spicy-sweet kick to the turkey that is guaranteed to both warm you up, and completely change the taste of your turkey leftovers.

Delicious, warm, and filling these ideas for reusing holiday turkey leftovers may just have you as excited for the leftovers as you are for the turkey.