Three Champagne Inspired Wedding Ideas

Wedding Cakes

Your big day is on the horizon, and while the other details are coming together, you’re still not sure what to do about the wedding cakes. You’ve chosen Champagne as the theme, and that doesn’t leave you lacking for wedding ideas, but it does pose a bit of a problem when it comes to the cake. Below are three Champagne inspired wedding ideas to pull everything together.

1. Break out the potato chips. Champagne, surprisingly, isn’t the best wine to pair with cake. The delicious dryness of the Champagne makes it the perfect wine to pair with almonds, cheese, pasta, and seafood, but gives it a harsh contrast to the sweetness in cake. Champagne is actually best suited for a pairing with popcorn and potato chips. The salty foods bring out the flavour of the wine, and make for delicious snacking. The first of our Champagne inspired wedding ideas is to find a unique way of serving potato chips or popcorn while the bubbly is circulating. This will make your special day stand out to your very happy guests.

2. Swim outside the mainstream. Champagne often gets confused with sparkling wine. The true Champagne is made in the French winemaking region of Champagne using the traditional method of having the secondary fermentation take place in the bottle. Unfortunately, this seems to limit your choice of label to a number of the very well known, and very expensive, big name houses. Fortunately, the big houses buy their grapes from growers, who have started producing their own Champagnes. Not surprisingly, these Champagne’s are just as good and this gives you options. Wedding cakes aside, there will be many events where your guests will be reaching for a glass of bubbly, the toasts, meals, mingling, desserts, etc. The second of the Champagne inspired wedding ideas is to show off your individuality and knowledge by serving a different grower-producer from a different region of France for every event. If you’re having a Champagne wedding, you are absolutely allowed to predominately feature the Champagne.

3. Build the cake around the drink. Cake such as shortbread, pound cake, or angel food cake will go well with Champagne, but are generally not used as wedding cakes. Dark bittersweet chocolate will also go well with bubbly, but this is also not usually an ingredient in wedding cakes. The third of our Champagne inspired wedding ideas is to not actually serve Champagne with the wedding cake. An Italian asti is a better choice of pairing for your wedding cake as it is sweeter. The proper place to put the Champagne during this part of your special day is inside the cake for your guests to enjoy. Have your cake made with a demi-sec (“half sweet”) Champagne to compliment the flavours of the other ingredients. An additional benefit of putting the Champaign into the cake is that it will keep it deliciously soft and moist.

Adding Champagne to your wedding is an excellent choice. With many artisanal varieties, fun pairings, and delicious benefits, wedding cakes and wedding ideas are all better with the addition of Champagne.